I am constantly blown away by how courteous and attentive the staff at Felix Rippy is. The nurse practitioners are very attentive, and the care is very thorough. I always felt very well versed every time I came to the office, and I can thank the physicians for my health today. Monica T. (Verified Patient)

I’ve been to Felix Rippy’s office for more than 10 years, and everyone on staff has gone above and beyond to be courteous and professional with me. Laura G. (Verified Patient)

I booked an appointment with Felix Rippy after reviewing the site, and I’ve found that the service lives up to the reviews for me. I had a pretty average wait time for my visit, but I I received a great deal of information about my diagnosis and I felt very at ease with my options. Rochelle U. (Verified Patient)

I received confirmation of my appointment about an hour or two after I’d made it, but there was a scheduling mixup. The Doctor was supposed to be in surgery that day, and all appointments had been canceled except for mine. I was scheduled early morning and happened to catch the Doctor on his way out for surgery. He took the time to see me, give me a diagnosis and provide me with a full consultation. It meant a lot that he felt I was important enough to do that for. I recommend everyone at Felix Rippy’s office. The entire staff is dedicated, kind and genuinely focused on my concerns. Catherine K. (Verified Patient)

I am glad that today was my first prenatal visit, especially since Felix Rippy’s team was so good with me. This is my first pregnancy, so I had a lot of questions during my first appointment. He sat with me and answered everything I asked, even waiting for me to come up with some more that I might not have thought of. The staff is also very friendly and welcoming. I’m glad that I chose Felix Rippy, and I look forward to every visit. (Verified Patient)


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