Our Services

Our Services

Obstetrical Care


We provide the highest quality medical care for women through our decades of experience in obstetrics care. With our history of excellence, we are well known for consistently meeting and even exceeding our patient’s goals. We maintain high standards for our facility, and we believe in transparency for the patients we work with. We offer the information you need to guide you through every nuance of any medical process, so you’re completely comfortable and well informed of your decisions.

Gynecological Care


Our focus is on setting the standard for women’s healthcare, and we offer a professional setting for comprehensive medical care. We are dedicated professionals who are focused on the health of the female reproductive system. Although we offer routine primary and preventive care for women, we specialize in medial and surgical procedures and management of most gynecological problems. On site, we maintain access to a variety of state-of-the-art tools to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions. We provide comprehensive treatment only after thorough evaluation, to create a health plan designed for you. We know that the health and wellness of our patients requires individual care, not a one-sized plan for everyone.

We want to the opportunity to provide you with comfortable, professional medical care.

We offer primary, tertiary, and quaternary consultation services, and work closely with a talented team of professionals with decades of combined experience in gynecological health. We have helped many women suffering from a range of complications to make full recoveries, and to meet their goals for a healthier life. We understand that the health needs of every woman are complex and individualized.



Surgery is a delicate measure, and we work with patients across a full range of options before looking at surgery to fix the problem. When surgery is medically necessary, we use minimally invasive procedures that rely on the latest technology. Robotic-assisted surgery, advanced hysteroscopy, and the latest medical technology are at our disposal. This allows us to address the most common gynecological disorders easily, with our team of skilled physicians who are there to assist you every step of the way. Expert consultation is available for pain management, and a variety of disorders. If you’re facing medical challenges in your life, you need not be alone. Our skilled team of physicians is ready to setup your first appointment and put you on a path to recovery.


Dr. Felix Rippy, OB/GYN

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